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PM Q&A: DNAKE New IP Intercom Kits Review, Convenience and Security in One Package

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Intercom kits are convenient. Basically, it’s a turnkey solution right out of the box. Entry-level, yes, but the convenience is obvious anyway. DNAKE released three IP Video Intercom Kits, consisting of 3 different door stations but with the same indoor monitor in the kit. We asked DNAKE product marketing manager Eric Chen to explain what’s the difference between them and how are they convenient. 

Q:  Eric, can you introduce new DNAKE intercom kits IPK01/IPK02/IPK03 for us, please? 

A: Sure, three IP video intercom kits are intended for villas and single-family homes, especially for the DIY markets. The intercom kit is a ready-made solution, allowing a tenant to view and talk with visitors and unlock doors from the indoor monitor or smartphone remotely. With plug & play feature, it’s easy for users to set them up in minutes. 

Q: Why did DNAKE launch separate intercom kits?

A: Our products are oriented to the global market, and different regions have different needs. After we launched IPK01 in June, some customers looked to the different combinations of door station and indoor monitor, like IPK02 and IPK03. 

Q: What are the main features of the intercom kit?

A: Plug & play, user-friendly interface, standard PoE, one-touch calling, remote unlocking, CCTV integration, etc. 

Q: Intercom kit IPK01 was released before. What’s the difference among IPK01, IPK02, and IPK03?

A: Three kits consist of 3 different door stations, but with the same indoor monitor:

IPK01: 280SD-R2 + E216 + DNAKE Smart Life APP

IPK02: S213K + E216 + DNAKE Smart Life APP

IPK03: S212 + E216 + DNAKE Smart Life APP

Since the only difference lies in different door stations, I think it is correct to compare the door stations themselves. Differences begin with the material – plastic for the younger 280SD-R2 while aluminum alloy panels for S213K and S212. Three door stations are all rated IP65, which indicates complete protection against the ingress of dust and protection from the rain. Then functional differences mainly include door entry methods. 280SD-R2 supports unlocking the door by IC card, while both S213K and S212 support unlocking the door by both IC and ID card. Meanwhile, S213K comes with a keypad available for opening the door by PIN Code. In addition, in the younger model 280SD-R2 only the semi-flush installation is assumed, while in S213K and S212 you can count on surface mounting installation. 

Q: Does the intercom kit support mobile APP control? If yes, how does it work?

A: Yes, all the kits support mobile APP. DNAKE Smart Life APP is a Cloud-based mobile intercom app that works with DNAKE IP intercom systems and products. Please refer to the following system diagram for the workflow. 

IPK03 Detail4

Q: Is it possible to expand the kit with more intercom devices?

A: Yes, one kit can add another one door station and five indoor monitors, giving you a total of 2 door stations and 6 indoor monitors on your system. 

Q: Are there any recommended application scenarios for this intercom kit?

A: Yes, the simple and easy-to-install features make DNAKE IP video intercom kits very suitable for the villa DIY market. Users can quickly complete the installation and configuration of equipment without professional knowledge, which greatly saves installation time and labor costs.

You can find out more about the IP intercom kit on the DNAKE website. You can also contact us and we will be happy to provide more details.


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