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It needs to use port 80, so the router needs to map port 80 to the Internet (static IP address is required).

Dnake indoor monitor comes with 8 alarm zones by default and can be expanded to 16 zones by extra module.

APP can be installed in the System directory to obtain root permissions, but the end users cannot uninstall or update it through the system.

The default IP address of all Dnake products is For the device with the display screen, IP address can be modified directly on the device (Settings ---> Network). Also, Dnake remote upgrade tool can be used to search and modify IP address.

Dnake outdoor station allows to release one lock by default. To release two locks, you need to use dual relay unlock module to work with door station.

Our door station supports either ID or IC access card. In most cases, the card reader is optional and you can choose the type of card reader you want when you place an order.

Yes, all of Dnake IP interom products support standard SIP 2.0. Any SIP server based on standard SIP protocol can work.

Yes, we can provide most documentation including user manual, datasheet, CE certification and other documents where required.

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