How long is the warranty?

We warrants that the products are free of defects in both materials and workmanship. The warranty period is Twenty-four(24) months  from the product's manufacturing date as indicated in product label.

Do you have a MOQ(minimum order quantity) requirement?

Yes, we require all international orders to have an ongoing minimum order quantity. If you are looking to resell but in much smaller quantities, we recommend you check with our salesperson.

Can you provide the relevant documentation?

Yes, we can provide most documentation including user manual, datasheet, CE certification  and other documents where required.

What is the average lead time?

For samples, the lead time is about 15 days. For mass production, the lead time is around 45 days after receiving the deposit payment. The lead times become effective when (1) we have received your deposit, and (2) we have your final approval for your products. If our lead times do not work with your deadline, please go over your requirements with the salesperson. In all cases we will try to accommodate your needs.

What kinds of payment methods do you accept?

You can make payment by wire transfer (30% deposit in advance, 70% balance one week before shipment) or irrevocable L/C at sight.

Do you guarantee safe and secure delivery of products?

Yes, we always use high quality export packaging.

How about the shipping fees?

The shipping cost depends on the way you choose to get the goods. Air shipment is normally the most quickest but also most expensive way. Ocean shipment is the best solution for big amounts. Information about exact freight charges can only be provided after we know the details of quantity, weight and shipping way. Please contact the salesperson for further information.

The monitor can’t be powered on, or it is powered off automatically.

Check whether the power cord is loose or not and then power the device on again.

The screen on the indoor monitor is dark.

Please check the brightness and contrast settings.

There’s no voice during the call.

Please check whether the device is muted or the sound is turned off.

Outdoor station cannot be watched on indoor monitor.

Please make sure that there is no other user who is watching outdoor station at the same time.

The multi-media file can’t be played on indoor monitor.

The file format  should be correct. Please refer to user manual for details.

The screen is not sensitive.

Remember to tear off the protective film from the screen and make sure your finger is dry.

The webpage of indoor monitor for settings is inaccessible.

Please  make sure that  your computer or tablet and indoor monitor are on the same network segment.

Can we buy card reader to work with Dnake call panel?

Yes, most of Dnake outdoor panels are equipped with Wiegand interface which is standard. You can buy card reader locally to connect with Dnake outdoor panel.

Do Dnake products support SIP? And which version? What SIP server can Dnake products work with?

Yes, all of Dnake IP interom products support standard SIP 2.0. Any SIP server based on standard SIP protocol can work.

How does the mute mode (DND) work on indoor monitor?

The monitor will not ring when it is called and will return to normal after 8 hours.

How to calibrate the time on IP(Android/Linux) indoor monitor?

Normally, indoor monitor will synchronize the date and time automatically when it connects to the Internet. When the device cannot access the Internet, you can input IP address of NTP server  on setup webpage of indoor monitor or use Dnake management software CMS to calibrate the time.

Can we put our logo on the products?

Yes, we can add your logo in software UI of video door phone products, but you need to provide the authorization of this logo.

What kind of card does your door station support?

Our door station  supports either ID or IC access card.  In most cases, the card reader is optional and you can choose the type of card reader you want when you place an order.

How to activate the button of door station 280D-A5/A6?

The buttons of outdoor station A5 or A6 are activated by default. If the button doesn’t work at first use, you can login the setup webpage and enable “Speed Dial” in the settings menu “Advanced”.

Which brand of elevator can your lift controller work with?

Actually, our lift controller can work with any elevator, but it only provides the relay for control without protocol docking.

How to release two or more locks with your door station?

Dnake outdoor station allows to release one lock by default. To release two locks, you need to use dual relay unlock module to work with door station.

What is the RTSP format for your door station?

rtsp://admin:password@IP address:8554/ch01.

Does DNAKE provide the server?

Yes, we have hardware private server solution.

Do you have http unlocking URL?

Yes, the URL format is “http://IP ADDRESS/cgi-bin/ext/control.cgi?op=unlock”.

What's the default IP address and how to modify it?

The default IP address of all Dnake products is For the device with the display screen, IP address  can be modified directly on the device (Settings ---> Network). Also, Dnake remote upgrade tool can be used to search and modify IP address.

How to add/remove user card on 280/902 door station?

1) 280 outdoor station supports using admin card to add/remove user card.

2) 902 outdoor station supports adding/deleting card by room number or adding user card with an admin card.

3) Add or delete cards for 280/902 outdoor station via CMS management software.

What if I forgot the "Security" password of indoor monitor?

Go into "Security"---->"Settings" on indoor monitor and use the administrator password to reset the Security password.

What if I forgot the admin password of Dnake intercom devices?

Please contact the technical support staff of DNAKE to deal with it remotely

When using Dnake's smart home devices, if the network fails, can the device be controlled locally?

Yes, when smart gateway cannot access the Internet, it only affects the remote control by mobile APP but local control can still be used.

Can the outdoor panel/indoor monitor of 902 Android system and 280 Linux system be used together?

Yes, all the devices of Dnake IP intercom system (902 Android system, 290 two-wire system, and 280 Linux system) are compatible with each other.

If I want to install my own App, how to request root permission?

APP can be installed in the System directory to obtain root permissions, but the end users cannot uninstall or update it through the system.

Can I add more languages?

Yes, if the order quantity is OK, we can provide more languages support. Please contact our technical support/sales engineer for more information.

How many alarm zones does the indoor monitor support?

Dnake indoor monitor comes with 8 alarm zones by default and can be expanded to 16 zones by extra module.

What's the Android version of the indoor monitor?

Version of 902 system is 4.4.2 and  904 system is 6.0.1.

What languages does the 902 indoor monitor support?

Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and Turkish.

How can I login to the setup webpage of device remotely?

It need to use port 80, so the router needs to map port 80 to the Internet (static IP address is required).


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