DNAKE’s President Invited to Attend the “20th World Business Leaders Roundtable”


On September 7, 2021, the "20th World Business Leaders Roundtable", jointly organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and the Organizing Committee of China (Xiamen) International Fair for Investment and Trade, was held at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. Mr. Miao Guodong, DNAKE’s President, was invited to attend this conference before the opening of the 21st China International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT).  The CIFIT is currently China's only international investment promotion event aimed at facilitating bilateral investment and also the largest global investment event approved by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. Representatives of embassies or consulates of some countries in China, representatives of international economic and trade organizations, as well as representatives of influential companies such as Baidu, Huawei, and iFLYTEK, gathered together to talk about the development trend of the artificial intelligence industry.


DNAKE’s President, Mr. Miao Guodong (Fourth from the Right), Attended the 20th World Business Leaders Roundtable


01/ Perspective: AI Empowers Numerous Industries

In recent years, with the flourishing development, the AI industry has also empowered different industries. At the round-table conference, Mr. Miao Guodong and various representatives and business leaders focused on new business forms and modes of the digital economy, such as the deep integration of AI technology and the industries, promotion and application, and innovative development, and shared and exchanged ideas on the topics such as new engines and driving forces that cultivate and promote sustained economic growth.


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“Integration of industry chain and ecological chain competition on AI has become the main battleground for smart hardware suppliers. In-depth innovation of technology, applications, and scenarios bring the force of change to the upstream and downstream of industry chain while leading application of new technology to the smart terminal.” Mr. Miao commented during the discussion of “Artificial Intelligence Accelerating Industrial Upgrading”.

During the sixteen years of steady development, DNAKE has always been exploring the ecological integration of various industries and AI. With the upgrading and optimization of algorithms and computing power, AI technologies such as facial recognition and voice recognition have been widely used in DNAKE’s industries such as video intercom, smart home, nurse call, and intelligent traffic.

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Video intercom and home automation are the industries where AI is used widely. For example, the application of facial recognition technology to the video intercom & access control system allows “access control by facial recognition” for the smart community. Meanwhile, voice recognition technology is applied in control methods of home automation. Man-machine interaction can be realized by voice and semantic recognition to control the lighting, curtain, air-conditioner, floor heating, fresh air ventilator, home security system, and smart home appliances, etc. easily. Voice control offers an intelligent living environment with “safety, health, convenience, and comfort” for everyone. 


[DNAKE’s President, Mr. Miao Guodong (Third from the Right), Attended Conversations]

02/ Vision: AI Empowers Numerous Industries

Mr. Miao said: “The healthy development of artificial intelligence is inseparable from good policy environment, data resource, infrastructure, and capital support. In the future, DNAKE will continue to deepen the application of artificial intelligence technology in various industries. With the principles of scenario experience, perception, participation, and service, DNAKE will design more AI-enabled ecological scenarios such as smart community, smart home, and smart hospitals, etc. to make a better life.”

Striving for excellence is the persistence of the original intention; understanding and mastering AI are the quality-empowered creativity and also the reflection of the deep learning spirit of "innovation never stops". DNAKE will keep leveraging its independent research and development advantages to promote the continuous development of the artificial intelligence industry.

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