DNAKE Exhibits Drew Huge Attention in CBD Fair (Guangzhou)


The 23rd China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair (“CBD Fair (Guangzhou)”) kicked off on July 20, 2021. DNAKE solutions and devices of smart community, video intercom, smart home, smart traffic, fresh air ventilation, and smart lock were showcased in the fair and drew huge attention. 

China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair features a unique style of cross-discipline bespoke home furnishings and provides integrated solutions for the building decoration industry. Numerous famous brands launch their new products and strategies here by showcasing their cutting-edge design and technologies. The CBD Fair has become a “Debut Platform for Champion Enterprises”.

DNAKE Booth[DNAKE Booth]

01/ Glory:Won 4 Awards in Smart Home Industry

During the exhibition, “Sunflower Awards Ceremony & 2021 Smart Home Ecology Summit” was held concurrently. DNAKE won 4 awards including “2021 Leading Brand in Smart Home Industry”.  Among them, DNAKE hybrid wired-wireless smart home solution obtained “2021 Technology Innovation Award of AIoT Electronic System”, and smart control panel won “2021 Technology Innovation Award of Smart Home Panel” and “2021 Excellent Industrial Design Award of Smart Home”.  

Award Ceremony[Award Ceremony]


The above awards are known as the "Oscar" in the smart home industry with the highest value. With lots of well-known brands participated, the award ceremony is hosted by China Construction Expo, NetEase Home Furnishing, and Guangdong Home Building Materials Chamber of Commerce, etc., and jointly guided by authoritative organizations such as Shanghai Institute of Quality Inspection and Technical Research, Huawei Smart Selection and Huawei Hilink.

Smart Control Panel1 Smart Control Panel2[Awarded Product-Smart Control Panel]

The buildings converge with temperature and emotion, while the technology helps to build safety, health, comfort, and convenience. In the future, all the industries of DNAKE will always maintain original intention and insist on innovation to bridge the space and people fully and make smart communities for all ages. 

02/ Immersive Experience

By virtue of brand advantage, rich product lineup, and visualized experience hall, DNAKE booth attracted numerous customers and professionals. In the display area of new products, many visitors were amazed by the smart control panel and stopped to experience it.

Smart Control Panel[Smart Control Panels Showcased in the Fair]

If new products are the fresh blood that makes the entire exhibition better, the smart community solution that combines DNAKE's entire industry chain products can be called the "evergreen tree" of DNAKE.

DNAKE incorporated the smart control panel into the whole-house smart home solution for the first time. With the smart control panel as the core, it has expanded several systems such as smart lighting, smart security, HVAC, smart home appliances, smart audio and video, and door and window shading system. The user can realize intelligent and linkage control on the whole house scenario by different methods such as voice or touch control. On the fair site, the visitor can enjoy the comfort of a smart home in the experience hall.

Booth3[Experience Hall]

Video intercom, smart traffic, smart door lock, and other industries are combined to form a one-stop smart home solution. The pedestrian gate at the community entrance, video door station at the unit entrance, voice recognition terminal in the elevator, and smart door lock, etc. bring the seamless door access experience and empower the comfortable life with technology. The user can go home by face ID, voice or mobile APP, etc., and greet the visitor anytime and anywhere.

Video Intercom&Smart Traffic[Video Intercom/Smart Traffic]

Elevator Control[Smart Elevator Control/Smart Door Lock]

Fresh Air Ventilation

[Fresh Air Ventilation/Smart Nurse Call]

“In order to share the latest research and development results of DNAKE with the majority of new and old customers, we revealed the star product of home automation-smart control panels, new door station and indoor monitor of video intercom system in the fair,” Ms. Shen Fenglian said in the interview with the media. During the interview, as DNAKE’s representative, Ms. Shen also gave detailed analysis and demonstration of DNAKE's products of the whole industry chain for the media and online audiences.


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