290 Slave

2-Wire IP System Converter

290 2-Wire IP System Slave Converter

Slave converter realizes the transformation between digital signal and analog signal.  After connecting to any IP device by Ethernet port, such as door station and indoor monitor, the device can connect to the existing analog wiring.
  • Item NO.:290 2-Wire Slave
  • Product Origin:China
1. There is no need to replace the existing wiring or cables.  It can connect to 290A isolator or master converter using a two-wire cable.
2. It can connect and supply power to an IP device, such as villa door station with PoE function, over an Ethernet port.
3. One Ethernet port can be used for internet input and PoE power supply.
Physical Property
Size 112x87x25mm
Power DC 48V ±10%
Rated Power 2W
Power Adapter NA
Temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity 20% ~ 93%
IP Class IP30
Network Cable Cat 5e, Cat 6 or better
2-wire RVV 2*0.75, ≤100m
RJ45 Yes
2-Wire Yes
DC Socket Yes (Output 12VDC)
LED Indicators
Power Red – Power ON
2-Wire Green – Link ON
LAN Green – Link ON
Transmission Method
Access Method CSMA/CA 
Transmission Scheme Wavelet OFDM
Frequency Bandwidth 2 MHz to 28 MHz
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