On the basis of traditional IP intercom system, DNAKE launches a SIP-based Android video door phone system, an ideal choice for commercial offices.

System Topology

Commercial Solution



1.Superior Performance

Unlike conventional intercom systems, this system delivers superior audio and voice quality. It allows you to answer calls, see and talk to visitors, or monitor the entrance, etc. through a mobile device, such as smartphone or tablet.

2.Real-time Monitoring

Not only will it help you to constantly monitor your property, but also will let you control the door lock remotely via an iOS or Android app on your phone to allow or deny access to visitors. Indoor monitor can connect to max. 8 alarm zones, such as fire detector and gas detector, etc. In case of emergency, it will send alarm to management center. What’s more, up to 8 pcs IP cameras can be connected in order to monitor any place in your home or community.

3.High Degree of Customization

With Android operating system, UI can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can choose to install any APK on your indoor monitor to fulfill different functions.

4.Cutting-edge Technology

There are multiple ways to unlock the door, including IC/ID card, access password, facial recognition and QR code. The anti-spoofing face liveness detection is also applied to increase the security and reliability.

5.Strong Compatibility

The system is compatible with any device that supports SIP protocol, such as IP phone, SIP softphone or VoIP Phone. By combining with home automation, lift control and 3rd-party IP camera, the system makes a secure and smart life for you.

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