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DNAKE Smart Home Products Displayed at Shanghai Smart Home Technology Fair


Shanghai Smart Home Technology (SSHT) was held in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) from September 2 to September 4. DNAKE showcased the products and solutions of smart home, video door phone, fresh air ventilation, and smart lock and attracted a large number of visitors to the booth. 



More than 200 exhibitors from different fields of home automation have gathered in Shanghai Smart Home Technology fair. As a comprehensive platform for smart home technologies, it focuses mainly on technical integration, fosters cross-sector business collaboration, and encourages industry players to innovate. So, what makes DNAKE stand out on such a competitive platform? 


Smart Living Everywhere

As the preferred supplier brand of Top 500 Chinese real estate enterprises, DNAKE not only provides the customers with smart home solutions and products but also combines smart home solutions with the construction of smart buildings by the interconnectivity of building intercom, intelligent parking, fresh air ventilation, and smart lock to make every part of life smart!

From license plate recognition system and non-inductive access gate at the community entrance, video door phone with facial recognition function at the unit entrance, elevator control of the unit building, to smart lock and indoor monitor at home, any intelligent product can integrate with the smart home solution to control home devices such as lighting, curtain, air conditioner, and fresh air ventilator, bringing comfortable and convenient life for the users.

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Display of Star Products

DNAKE has participated in SSHT for two years. Many star products were shown this year, drawing numerous audiences to see and experience.

①  Full-screen Panel

DNAKE's super full-screen panel can realize one-key control on lighting, curtain, home appliance, scene, temperature, and other equipment as well as real-time monitoring of indoor and outdoor temperatures through different interactive methods such as touch screen, voice, and APP, supporting wired and wireless smart home system.


②  Smart Switch Panel

There are more than 10 series of DNAKE smart switch panels, covering lighting, curtain, scene, and ventilation functions. With stylish and simple designs, these switch panels are the must-have items for the smart home.


③ Mirror Terminal

DNAKE mirror terminal not only can be used as a control terminal of smart home featuring control on home devices such as lighting, curtain, and ventilation but also can work as video door phone with functions including door-to-door communication, remote unlocking and elevator control linkage, etc.




Other Smart Home Products


Two-way Communication between Products and Users

The epidemic has accelerated the normalization process of the smart home layout. However, in such a normalized market, it is not easy to stand out. During the exhibition, Ms. Shen Fenglian, DNAKE ODM department manager, said in an interview, “Smart technology is not a temporary service, but an everlasting guard. So Dnake has brought a new concept into the smart home solution-Home for Life, that is, to build a full-lifecycle house that can change with time and family structure by integrating smart home with video door phone, fresh air ventilation, intelligent parking, and smart lock, etc.”



DNAKE- Empower a Better Life with Technology

Every change in modern times makes people one step closer to the yearning life.

City life is filled with physical needs, while intelligent and vivid living space gives a delightful and relaxed lifestyle. 

If you are interested in our products and want to know more detailed information, please contact us or leave a message. We will be in touch within 24 hours.