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DNAKE Intelligent Medical Products Amazed the 21st CHCC in September



On September 19th, DNAKE was invited to attend the 21st China Hospital Construction Conference, Hospital Build & Infrastructure China Exhibition & Congress (CHCC2020) in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. With the display of smart health care system, nurse call system, smart parking guidance system, elevator control system, and smart security management system, DNAKE gained extensive attention and high praises. Leaders and dozens of sales elites joined the exhibition and received all industry experts, medical staff, project contractors, and enterprise leaders who came to the exhibition. 


CHCC is a very influential conference in the hospital construction industry. Why could DNAKE stand out and win the special favor of the audiences? How did we do that?

1. Attractive Display of Full Scene Intelligent Hospital


2.  Transcendent Product Concept of “Intellectual Respect and Love”

  • Respect to doctors and nurses

As the busiest workers in the hospital, doctors and nurses bear great pressure, but technical devices for effective work will reduce the stress. DNAKE nurse call system helps do that. Through DNAKE IP medical intercom system and face recognition technology, ward round will be easier, access to medical wards will be safer and quicker.

  • Love to patients

Patients need more love and caring. Quick access through face recognition, intelligent queuing and calling system, nurse calling system gives them the convenient way. Food ordering, news reading, or video intercom with their families makes them relaxed. The fresh air provided by sterilizing fan contributes to their recovery.

  • Respect to hospitals

With the improvement of doctors’ and nurses’ working efficiency, and patients’ hospital experience, hospitals will get excellent management way and win a good reputation.

5 Nurse Call System

3. Obvious Advantages

  • Multiple system choices include various product designs, chip solutions, network modes, internet applications, and network service stations.
  • Easy operation involves integration with local HIS system, change of user interface, system debugging, and fault detection.
  • Flexibility includes devices combination, operation mode, and external devices’ access.



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