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DNAKE Showcased in 2021 China International Intelligent Building Exhibition


2021 China International Intelligent Building Exhibition was grandly started in Beijing on May 6th, 2021. DNAKE solutions and devices of smart community, smart home, intelligent hospital, intelligent transportation, fresh air ventilation, and smart lock, etc. were shown in the exhibition. 



During the exhibition, Mr. Zhao Hong, DNAKE’s marketing director, accepted an exclusive interview from authoritative media such as CNR Business Radio and Sina Home Automation and gave a detailed introduction of DNAKE product highlights, key solutions, and products to the online audiences. 


In the summit forum held at the same time, Mr.Zhao Hong (DNAKE’s Marketing Director) delivered a keynote speech. He said at the meeting: "As the era of the green building comes, the market demands for video intercom, smart home, and smart healthcare remain high with more clear development trend. In view of this, focusing on the public demand, DNAKE integrated different industries and launched a life housing solution. In this exhibition, all the subsystems were showcased.” 


Power of Technology to Better Meet Public Demand

What is the ideal life for the public in the new era? 

#1 Ideal Experience of Going Home

Face Swiping: For access to the community, DNAKE introduced "Face Recognition Solution for Smart Community”, which integrates facial recognition technology and the products such as video outdoor station, pedestrian barrier gate, and smart elevator control module to create a complete experience of gate pass based on facial recognition for the users. When the user drives home, the vehicle license plate recognition system will recognize the plate number automatically and permit access.


Exhibition Site | Fast Pass by Facial Recognition at the Community Entrance


Exhibition Site | Open Unit Door by Facial Recognition on Outdoor Station

Door Unlocking: When arriving at the entrance door, the user can open the smart door lock by fingerprint, password, small program, or Bluetooth. It has never been easier to go home.


Exhibition Site | Unlock Door by Fingerprint

#2 Ideal Home

Act as a guard: when you’re at home, one word can activate the devices including lighting, curtain, and air conditioner, etc. Meanwhile, the sensor such as gas detector, smoke detector, and water sensor always keeps you safe and secure. Even when you’re out or having a rest, an infrared curtain sensor, door alarm, high-definition IP camera, and other intelligent security equipment will guard you at any time. Even if you are alone at home, your safety is guaranteed. 

Exhibition Site | Visitors Experience Complete Smart Home Solution

Act as a forest: The weather outside the window is bad, but your home is still beautiful as spring. DNAKE's intelligent fresh air ventilation system can realize air change for 24 hours without interruption. Even if it’s hazy, dust weather, rainy or hot outside, your home can still maintain a constant temperature, humidity, oxygen, cleanness, and quietness indoors for a fresh and healthy home environment.

Fresh Air Ventilation System

Exhibition Site | Display Area of Fresh Air Ventilator
#3 Ideal Hospital

More User-friendly: In the outpatient department, the doctor’s information can be clearly seen on the ward door terminal, and the queuing progress and medicine receiving information of the patients are updated on the waiting display screen in real-time. In the inpatient area, patients can call medical workers, order meals, read news, and enable intelligent control and other functions through the bedside terminal.

More Efficient: After using the nurse call system, queuing and calling system, information release system, and smart bedside interaction system, etc., the healthcare workers can take over the shift work more quickly and respond to the needs of patients more accurately without extra manpower.

Smart Nurse Call

Exhibition Site | Display Area of Smart Healthcare Products

Welcome to our booth E2A02 of 2021 China International Intelligent Building Exhibition in China National Convention Center on May 6th to May 8th, 2021.

If you are interested in our products and want to know more detailed information, please contact us or leave a message. We will be in touch within 24 hours.