Today is DNAKE’s sixteenth birthday!

We started with a few but now we are many, not only in numbers but also in talents and creativity.


Officially established on April 29th, 2005, DNAKE met with so many partners and gained a lot during these 16 years.

Dear DNAKE Staff,

Thank you all for the contributions and efforts that you made for the company’s progress. It’s said that an organization’s success mostly lies in its hardworking and thoughtful employee’s hand than others. Let's hold our hands together to keep moving!

Dear Customers,

Thank you all for your continued support. Each order represents trust; each feedback represents recognition; each suggestion represents encouragement. Let’s work together to create a bright future.

Dear DNAKE Shareholders,

Thank you for your trust and confidence. DNAKE will continue to enhancing shareholder value by solidifying a platform for sustainable growth.

Dear Media Friends,

Thank you for every news report that bridges the communication between DNAKE and all walks of life.

With all of you accompany, DNAKE has the courage to shine in the face of adversity and the motivation to keep exploring and innovating, so DNAKE gets where it is today.

#1 Innovation

The vitality of smart city construction comes from innovation. Since 2005, DNAKE always keeps seeking new breakthroughs.

On April 29th, 2005, DNAKE unveiled its brand officially with R&D, manufacture, and sales of video door phone. In the process of enterprise development, making full use of R&D and marketing advantages, and leveraging the technologies such as facial recognition, voice recognition, and Internet communications, DNAKE made the leap from analog building intercom to IP video intercom at an earlier stage, which created good conditions for the overall layout of smart community.

Video Intercom Products

Some Video Intercom Products

DNAKE started the layout of the smart home field in 2014. By utilizing the technologies such as ZigBee, TCP/IP, voice recognition, cloud computing, intelligent sensor, and KNX/CAN, DNAKE successively introduced smart home solutions, including ZigBee wireless home automation, CAN bus home automation, KNX wired home automation, and hybrid wired home automation.

Home Automation

Some Smart Home Panels

Later smart door locks joined the product family of smart community and smart home, realizing unlocking by fingerprint, APP, or password. The smart lock integrates with home automation fully to strengthen the interaction between two systems.

Smart Lock

Part of Smart Locks

In the same year, DNAKE began to deploy the intelligent transportation industry. Using advanced technologies such as face recognition technology, in combination with the company's barrier gate equipment and hardware products for parking lot, the entrance and exit intelligent parking management system, IP video parking guidance and reverse car lookup system, face recognition access control system were launched.

Parking Guidance

DNAKE expanded its business in 2016 by introducing smart fresh air ventilators and fresh air dehumidifiers, etc. to form a sub-system of smart communities.Fresh Air Ventilation


In response to the strategy of “Healthy China", DNAKE stepped into the field of "Smart Healthcare". With the construction of "smart wards" and "smart outpatient clinics" as the core of its business, DNAKE has launched systems, such as nurse call system, ICU visiting system, intelligent bedside interaction system, hospital queuing system, and multimedia information release system, etc., boosting the digital and intelligent construction of medical institutions.

Nurse Call

#2 Original Aspirations

DNAKE aims to satisfy the public's yearning for a better life with the technology, to improve the temperature of life in a new era, and to promote artificial intelligence (AI). For 16 years, DNAKE has built a good cooperation relationship with many customers at home and abroad, hoping to create an “Intelligent Living Environment” in a new era.



#3 Reputation

Since its establishment, DNAKE has won more than 400 awards, covering government honors, industry honors, and supplier honors, etc. For example, DNAKE has been awarded as “Preferred Supplier of China's Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises” for nine consecutive years and ranked No. 1 in the Preferred Supplier List of Building Intercom.



#4 Inheritance

Integrate responsibility into everyday activity and inherit with ingenuity. For 16 years, DNAKE people have always been connected with each other and go forward together. With the mission of “Lead Smart Life Concept, Create Better Life Quality”, DNAKE has been committed to creating a "safe, comfortable, healthy and convenient" smart community living environment for the public. In the coming days, the company will continue as always working hard to grow with the industry and the customers.

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