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What’s New in DNAKE 280M V1.2: Great Optimization and Broad Integration

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Several months passed since last update, DNAKE 280M Linux-based indoor monitor has come back even better and stronger with significant improvements to security, privacy, and user experience, making it an even more reliable and user-friendly indoor monitor for home security. This time’s new update includes:

New security and privacy features put you in control

Create a more user-friendly experience

Camera integration and optimization

Let’s explore what each update is all about!


Newly Added Automatic Roll Call Master Station

Creating a safe and smart residential community is the heart of what we do. The new automatic roll call master station feature in DNAKE 280M Linux-based indoor monitors is certainly a valuable addition to enhance community security. The feature is designed to ensure that residents can always reach a concierge or guardsman in the event of an emergency, even if the first point of contact is unavailable.

Imagining this, you are troubled by an emergency and trying to call a certain concierge for help, but the guardsman is not in the office, or the master station is on the phone or offline. Hence, no one could answer your call and assist, which may result in worse. But now you don’t have to. The automatic roll call function works by automatically calling the next available concierge or guardsman if the first one doesn’t answer. This feature is a great example of how intercom can improve safety and security in residential communities.

DNAKE 280M_Roll Call Master Station

SOS Emergency Call Optimization

Hope you never need it, but it is a must-know function. Being able to signal for help quickly and effectively can make a big difference in a dangerous situation. The main purpose of SOS is to let the concierge or security guard know that you're in trouble and request helps.

The SOS icon can be readily found in the right upper corner of the home screen. DNAKE master station will be noticed when someone triggers SOS. With 280M V1.2, users can set the trigger time length on the webpage as 0s or 3s. If the time is set to 3s, users need to hold the SOS icon for 3s to send out SOS message to prevent accidental triggering.

Secure Your Indoor Monitor with A Screen Lock

An extra layer of security and privacy can be offered by screen locks in 280M V1.2. With the screen lock enabled, you will be asked to enter a password each time you want to unlock or switch the indoor monitor on. It's good to know that the screen lock function won't interfere with the ability to answer calls or open doors.

We bake security into every detail of DNAKE intercoms. Try to upgrade and enable the screen lock function on your DNAKE 280M indoor monitors as of today to enjoy the following benefits:

Privacy protection. It can help protect call logs and other sensitive information from unauthorized access.

Help prevent accidental changes to security sensor parameters, ensuring that they continue to work as intended.

DNAKE 280M_Privacy


Minimalist and Intuitive UI

We pay close attention to customers’ feedback. 280M V1.2 keeps optimizing the user interface to provide a better user experience, making it easier and more enjoyable for residents to interact with the DNAKE indoor monitors. 

Optimizing the branded home page. Creating a more visually appealing and easy-to-navigate starting point for residents.

Dial interface optimization. Making it simpler and more intuitive for residents to select the desired options.

Upgrading the Monitor & Answer interface to be shown in full screen for a more immersive experience.

Phonebook Scaled Up for Easy Communication

What is the phonebook? Intercom phonebook, also called intercom directory, allows two-way audio and video communication between two intercoms. The phonebook of the DNAKE indoor monitor will help you save frequent contacts, which will be easier to catch your neighborhoods, making communication much more efficient and convenient. In 280M V1.2, you can add up to 60 contacts (devices) to phonebook or selected ones, based on your preference.

How to use the DNAKE intercom phonebook? Go to Phonebook, you will find a contact list you have created. Then, you can scroll through the phonebook to locate someone you’re trying to reach and tap on their name to call. Moreover, the whitelist feature of phonebook provides an extra layer of security by limiting access to only authorized contacts. In other words, only the selected intercoms can reach you and others will be blocked. For example, Anna is in the whitelist, but Nyree isn’t in it. Anna can call in while Nyree can’t.

DNAKE 280M_Phonebook

More Convenience Brought by Three Door Unlock

Door release is one of the vital functions for video intercoms, which enhances security and simplifies the access control process for residents. It also adds convenience by allowing residents to remotely unlock doors for their visitors without having to physically go to the door. 280M V1.2 allows unlocking up to three doors after configuration. This feature works great for lots of your scenarios and requirements.

 If your apartment door phone supports 3 relay outputs as DNAKE S615 and S215, probably the front door, back door, and side entrance, you can control these three door locks in one central location, i.e., the DNAKE 280M indoor monitor. Relay types can be set as Local Relay, DTMF, or HTTP.

It is available to connect residents’ own door lock via the local relay to the DNAKE indoor monitor as it has one relay output. This feature is particularly useful for residents who have additional security measures in place, such as electronic or magnetic lock. Residents can use the DNAKE 280M indoor monitor or the DNAKE Smart Life app to control both the apartment entrance lock and their own door lock.

DNAKE 280M_Lock


Details of Camera Optimization

Boosted by increased functionality, IP intercoms continue to grow in popularity. A video intercom system includes a camera helps resident to view who is requesting access before granting their access. Furthermore, resident can monitor the live stream of DNAKE door station and IPCs from their indoor monitor. Here are some key details of camera optimization in the 280M V1.2.

Two-way audio: Microphone function added in the 280M V1.2 allows two-way audio communication between resident and the person requesting access. This is useful for verifying the identity of the person and for communicating instructions or directions.

Notification display: Calling notification will be shown in name when you monitor DNAKE door station, allowing residents to know who is calling.

Camera optimization in the 280M V1.2 further enhance the functionality of DNAKE 280M indoor monitors, making it a useful tool for controlling access to buildings and other facilities.

Easy and Broad IPC Integration

Integrating IP intercom with video surveillance is a great way to enhance security and control over building entrances. By integrating these two technologies, operators and residents can monitor and manage access to the building more effectively which can increase safety and prevent unauthorized entry.

DNAKE enjoys broad integration with IP cameras, making it a great choice for those looking for a seamless experience, and easy-to-manage and flexible intercom solutions. After integration, residents can view live video stream from IP cameras directly on their indoor monitors. Contact Us if you are interested in more integration solutions.

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We’ve also made a few improvements that come together to make DNAKE 280M Linux-based indoor monitors stronger than ever before. Upgrading to the latest version will definitely help you take advantage of these improvement and experience the best possible performance from your indoor monitor. If you encounter any technical issues during the upgrade process, please contact our technical experts for assistance.


Reach us for the best possible intercom products and solutions for your program and follow us to get the latest updates!

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