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PM Q&A: DNAKE S-series SIP Video Door Phone, Unleashing New Possibility

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DNAKE launched its new video intercoms S212, S213M, and S213K in July and August 2022. We interviewed Product Marketing Manager Eric Chen to find out how the new intercom helps create new consumer experiences and smart life possibilities. 

Q: Eric, what's the design concept for three new door stations S212S213M, and S213K

A: S212, S213M, and S213K are intended to be used as villa or second confirm door stations of DNAKE S-series video intercom. In consistency with the design of 4.3” SIP Video Door Phone S215,  it helps users to form a unified cognition of DNAKE S-series products, giving users a consistent product experience.

Q: What is the difference between DNAKE's previous door stations and these new ones?

A: Different from DNAKE previous door stations, S212S213M, and S213K  experience a comprehensive improvement, including aesthetic design, size, function,  interface, installation, and maintenance. To be specific, it mainly includes

• Brand new and concise design;

• More compact size; 

• Wider viewing angle camera; 

• IC & ID Card reader two in one for access control; 

• Added 3 status indicators; 

• Better IK rating; 

• Tamper alarm; 

• More relays out; 

• Added Wiegand interface; 

• Connector upgrade for easy installation; 

• Support one button to reset to factory default settings.

Q: How do you address problems and challenges when developing the new intercom?

A: When developing the new intercom, we mainly hope to bring some of the functions which are upgraded for S215 to villa users, such as wider camera viewing angle, IC & ID card reader two in one, better IK rating, tamper alarm, Wiegand interface,  more relays out, upgraded wiring methods, etc. The upgrade offers more functionalities: 

• Wider viewing angle delivers user experience and security;

• IC & ID card reader two in one gives users more flexible options and can reduce the management cost of SKUs for DNAKE channel partners;

• More relay outputs allow users to access more doors, such as entry doors and garage doors at the same time;

• By adding the Wiegand interface, S212, S213M, and S213K can be easily integrated with any third-party access control system;

• Better IK rating and tamper alarm function ensure personal and property security;

• Through the upgrade of the wiring method, the installation without drilling can be realized, the installation efficiency can be improved, and the labor cost can be saved.

Q: What are the advantages of DNAKE new intercom compared to other brands?

A: Compared to other brands, our video door phones S212, S213M, and S213K  have different advantages based on their usage. In general, they feature a 2MP Camera, better IK rating, IC & ID card reader two in one, integrated status indicators, and Wiegand interface, etc.  Moreover,  more competitive prices are offered.

Q: Can you introduce the future plan for the door station?

A: DNAKE keeps paying attention to the market and customer needs to enhance the competitiveness of our products. We will continue to launch more new intercoms in the higher-end and lower-end product series to meet the needs of the market and customers. Your continued support and feedback are highly appreciated.

To learn more about the features and benefits of DNAKE new intercom, please visit the DNAKE Door Station page, or contact us.


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