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One-stop Contactless Access Solution


Based on the leading facial recognition technology, voice recognition technology, Internet communication technology, and the linkage algorithm technology independently developed by Dnake, the solution realizes non-contact intelligent unlocking and access control for the whole process of personnel entering the community in order effectively enhance the owner's experience in the smart community, which has a certain anti-epidemic efficacy during the transmission of special viruses.

Application Scenarios

1. Set up barrier gate or pedestrian turnstile with facial recognition terminal produced by DNAKE at the community entrance. The owner can pass the gate by contactless facial recognition.

2. When the owner walks to the unit door, IP video door phone with facial recognition function will be working. After successful face recognition, the door will be automatically opened and the system will sync to the elevator.

3. When the owner arrives at the elevator car, the corresponding floor can be automatically lit by face recognition without touching elevator buttons. The owner can take the elevator by face recognition and voice recognition and have a zero-touch ride throughout the journey of taking the elevator.

4. After getting home, the owner can easily control the light, curtain, air conditioner, home appliances, smart plug, lock, scenarios, and more from anywhere through your smartphone or tables, etc. No matter where you are, you can connect, monitor, and receive the status of the home security system anytime and anywhere.

Integrate technology into residences to create a green, smart, healthy, and safe living environment for consumers!

Smart Solution

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