DNAKE Smart Community Solutions Show on 7 Chinese Public Channels


From 24 May to 13 June 2021, DNAKE smart community solutions are being shown on 7 China Central Television (CCTV) Channels. With the solutions of video intercom, smart home, smart healthcare, smart traffic, fresh air ventilation system, and smart door lock unveiled on CCTV channels, DNAKE delivers its brand story to the viewers at home and abroad.

As the most authoritative, influential, and credible media platform in China, CCTV has always adhered to high standards and strict requirements for advertisement review, which includes but is not limited to the review of corporate qualifications, product quality, trademark legalization, company reputation, and company operation. DNAKE successfully partnered with CCTV channels including CCTV-1 General, CCTV-2 Finance, CCTV-4 International (in Mandarin Chinese), CCTV-7 National Defense and Military, CCTV-9 Documentary, CCTV-10 Science and Education, and CCTV-15 Music to display DNAKE ad, which means that DNAKE and its products have obtained the authoritative recognition of CCTV with new branding height!

Build Solid Brand Foundation and Powerful Brand Momentum

Since the establishment, DNAKE has always been deeply involved in the field of smart security. Focusing on smart community and smart healthcare solutions, DNAKE has formed an industrial structure mainly on video intercom, home automation, and nurse call. The products also include fresh air ventilation system, smart traffic system, and smart door lock, etc. for the relevant application of smart community and smart hospital.

●Video Intercom

Converging AI technologies, such as facial recognition, voice recognition and fingerprint recognition, and Internet technology, DNAKE video intercom can also combine with smart home products to realize security alarms, video call, monitoring, smart home control and lift control linkage, etc.

●Smart Home

DNAKE smart home solutions consist of wireless and wired systems, which can realize the intelligent control of indoor lighting, curtain, air conditioning, and other equipment, but also safety protection and video entertainment, etc. In addition, the system can work with the video intercom system, fresh air ventilation system, smart door lock system, or smart traffic system, to make a smart community of technology and humanization.


● Smart Hospital

As one of the key directions for DNAKE’s future development, smart healthcare industries cover nurse call system, ICU vising system, intelligent bedside interactive system, calling and queuing system, and multimedia information distribution, etc.


●Smart Traffic

For the passing of the personnel and vehicles, DNAKE launched various smart traffic solutions to offer fast access experience on all kinds of entrances and exits.


●Fresh Air Ventilation System

The product lines contain smart fresh air ventilators, fresh air dehumidifiers, public fresh air ventilators, and other environmental health products.


● Smart Door Lock
DNAKE smart door lock allows multiple unlocking methods, such as fingerprint, password, mini-app, and facial recognition. Meanwhile, the door lock can integrate with the smart home system to bring a safe and convenient home experience.


A high-quality brand is not only a value creator but also a value implementer. DNAKE is committed to building a solid brand foundation with innovation, foresight, persistence, and dedication, and broadening brand development path with up-to-date product quality, and offering a safer, more comfortable, healthy, and convenient smart living environment for the public.


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