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DNAKE Invites You to Experience Smart Life in Beijing on Nov. 5th



(Picture Source: China Real Estate Association)

The 19th China International Exposition of Housing Industry & Products and Equipment of Building Industrialization (referred to as China Housing Expo) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center, Beijing (New) from Nov. 5th -7th, 2020. As the invited exhibitor, DNAKE will showcase the products of smart home system and fresh air ventilation system, bringing a poetic and smart home experience to the new and old customers.

Guided by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, China Housing Expo was sponsored by the technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and China Real Estate Association, etc. China Housing Expo has been the most professional platform for tech exchange and marketing in the prefabricated construction area for many years.

01 Smart Startup

Once you enter your house, every home device, such as the lamp, curtain, air conditioner, fresh air system, and bathing system, will start working automatically without any instructions.

02 Intelligent Control

Whether through the smart switch panel, mobile APP, IP smart terminal, or voice command, your home can always respond appropriately. When you go home, the smart home system will turn on the lights, curtains, and air conditioner automatically; when you go out, lights, curtains, and air conditioner will turn off, and security devices, plant watering system, and fish feeding system will start operating automatically.

03 Voice Control

From turning on the lights, switching on the air conditioner, drawing the curtain, checking the weather, listening to the joke, and many more commands, you can do it all just with your voice in our smart home devices.

04 Air Control

After a day of travel, hope to go home and enjoy the fresh air? Is it possible to replace fresh air for 24hours and build a home without formaldehyde, mold, and viruses? Yes, it is. DNAKE invites you to experience fresh air ventilation system at the exposition.


Welcome to visit DNAKE booth E3C07 at the China International Exhibition Center on Nov. 5th(Thursday)-7th (Saturday)!

Meet you in Beijing!

If you are interested in our products and want to know more detailed information, please contact us or leave a message. We will be in touch within 24 hours.