DNAKE Announces Integration with Tuya Smart



DNAKE is delighted to announce a new partnership with Tuya Smart. Suitable for a wide range of applications, the integration allows users to enjoy cutting-edge building entry features. Besides the villa intercom kit, DNAKE also launched the video intercom system for apartment buildings. Enabled by the Tuya platform, any call from the IP door station on the building entrance or apartment entrance can be received by DNAKE’s indoor monitor or smartphone for the user to see and speak with the visitor, monitor entrances remotely, open doors, etc. at any time.

The apartment intercom system enables two-way communications and grants property access between building tenants and their visitors. When a visitor needs access to an apartment building, they use an intercom system installed at its entryway. To enter the building, the visitor can use the phonebook on the door station to look up the person they would like to request property access from. After the visitor pushes the call button, the tenant receives the notification on either an indoor monitor installed in their apartment unit or on another device such as a smartphone. The user can receive any call information and unlock doors remotely by conveniently using DNAKE smart life app on a mobile device.


SYSTEM TOPOLOGY for Apartment Intercom


Video Calling
Remote Door Unlocking

Preview: Preview the video on the Smart Life app to identify the visitor when receiving the call. In the case of an unwelcome visitor, you can ignore the call.

Video Calling: Communication is made simple. The system provides convenient and efficient intercommunication between the door station and mobile device.

Remote Door Unlocking: When the indoor monitor receives a call, the call will be also sent to the Smart Life APP. If the visitor is welcome, you can press a button on the app to remotely open the door anytime and anywhere.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications: Even when the app is offline or running in the background, the mobile APP still notifies you of the visitor’s arrival and new call message. You’ll never miss any visitor.

Easy Setup

Easy Setup: Installation and setup are convenient and flexible. Scan QR code to bind the device by using smart life APP in seconds.

Call Logs

Call Logs: You can view your call log or delete call logs right from your smartphones. Each call is date-and-time stamped. The call logs can be reviewed at any time.

Remote Control2

All-in-one solution offers top capabilities, including video intercom, access control, CCTV camera, and alarm. The partnership of the DNAKE IP intercom system and Tuya platform offers easy, smart, and convenient door entry experiences that fit a wide variety of application scenarios.


Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA) is a leading global IoT Cloud Platform that connects the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains, providing a one-stop IoT PaaS-level solution that contains hardware development tools, global cloud services, and smart business platform development, offering comprehensive ecosystem empowerment from technology to marketing channels to build the world's leading IoT Cloud Platform.


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