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Award “Top 10 Brand Enterprises in China’s Intelligent Building Industry”


The "Smart Forum on Intelligent Building& Award Ceremony of Top 10 Brand Enterprises in China's Intelligent Building Industry in 2019” was held in Shanghai on Dec. 19th. DNAKE smart home products won the award of Top 10 Brand Enterprises in China's Intelligent Building Industry in 2019.



△ Ms. Lu Qing(3rd from the Left), Shanghai Regional Director, Attended Award Ceremony 

Ms. Lu Qing, Shanghai Regional Director of DNAKE, attended the meeting and discussed the industry chains including intelligent building, home automation, intelligent conference system, and smart hospital together with industry experts and intelligent enterprises, with the focus of “Super Projects" such as intelligent construction of Beijing Daxing InternationalAirport and smart stadium for Wuhan Military World Games, etc.


△ Industry Expert and Ms. Lu


Following the continuous empowerment of cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, AI, big data, and cloud computing, smart city construction is also upgrading in the new era. Smart home plays an important role in the smart city construction, so the users have higher requirements on it. In this wisdom forum, with strong R&D capability and rich experience in the production of smart home products, DNAKE launched a new-generation smart home solution. 

"The house doesn’t have life, so it cannot communicate with the residents. What should we do? DNAKE began the research and development of the programs related to "Life House", and finally, after continuous innovation and update of the products, we can build a personalized home for the users in the true sense.” Ms. Lu stated on the forum about DNAKE’s new smart home solution-Build Life House.

What a life house can do?

It can study, perceive, think, analyze, link, and execute.

Intelligent House

A life house must be equipped with an intelligent control center. This intelligent gateway is the commander of the smart home system.

Intelligent Gateway1

△ DNAKE Intelligent Gateway (3rd Generation)

After the perception of the smart sensor, the smart gateway will connect and integrate with various smart home items, turning them into a thoughtful and perceptible smart system that can automatically make different smart home devices behave according to different scenarios of the user’s daily life. Its service, without complicated operations, can provide users with a safe, comfortable, healthy, and convenient intelligent life experience.

Smart Scenario Experience

Intelligent Environmental System Linkage-when the smart sensor detects that the indoor carbon dioxide exceeds the standard, the system will analyze the value through the threshold value and select to open the window or enable fresh air ventilator at a set speed automatically as needed, to create an environment with constant temperature, humidity, oxygen, quietness, and cleanness without manual intervention and save the energy effectively.


User Behavior Analysis Linkage- Face recognition camera is used to monitor the user behaviors in real time, analyze the behavior based on AI algorithms, and send the command of linkage control to smart home subsystem by learning the data. For example, when the elderly fell down, the system links to the SOS system; when there is any visitor, the system links to visitor scenario; when the user is in bad mood, AI voice rob is linked to tell jokes, etc. With care as the core, the system provides the users with the most appropriate home experience.

Smart Switch Panel

Smart Sensor

Along with the rapid development of the smart home industry, DNAKE will continue to promote the spirit of craftsmanship and use its own R&D advantages to create more various smart home products and make a contribution to the smart building industry.

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