Facial Recognition Terminal

AC-FAD50 Facial Recognition Terminal

The terminal features contactless access control with 7-inch LCD screen, facial recognition of over 99.5% accuracy, 2MP dual cameras for face liveness detection, only 0.2S to recognize the face with 50,000 face capacity. Real-time face mask detection and voice alert are also available.
  • Item NO.:AC-FAD50
  • Product Origin:China


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  • Item Description
    Unmasked face recognition rate >99.5%,false recognition rate <1%
    Recognition time 0.2s
    Mas wearing detection >99.5%,false recognition rate <1%
    Face recognition rate with mask >95%,false recognition rate <1%
    Temperature measuring distance farthest distance is 1-3cm
    Temperature detection error ≤±0.3℃
    Abnormal temperature detection When the human temperature detection exceeds 37.3℃, voice alarm
    Library capacity 50,000
    Front End Storage 20,000 records(with images)
    Authentication Mode Face recognition(1:N); IC card: (1:N), external card reader required
    Employee Management Support employee library addition, deletion, update, and employee information display
    Visitor Management Support adding, updating, deleting and viewing visitor
    Stranger Management Support stranger detection, stranger information upload
    Record Management Support local recording and real-time upload
    Interface 100M network interface×1, Wiegand input×1, Wiegand output×1, RS485×1, alarm input×2, I/O output×1
    Power Supply Input DC12V±25%
    Screen size and resolution 7 inches, 600*1024
    Illumination LED soft light
    Dimensions (L×W×H) 226.5mm×120mm×33.5mm
    Working Environment 0℃~+45℃, <95% non-condensing
    Application Situation Indoor, windless environment
    Installation Floor-standing Mounting /Wall Mounting (Indoor Use Only)
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