Smart Home Life Begins with Dnake Smart Home Robot- Popo

With the rapid development of technology, smart home has become an indispensable part for boutique apartments and provides us with a living environment of “safety, efficiency, comfort, convenience and health”. Dnake is also working to offer a complete smart home solution, covering video door phone, smart home robot, face recognition terminal, smart lock, smart home control terminal, smart home APP and smart home products, etc. From basic human-machine interaction to voice control, Popo acts as our best life assistant. Let’s enjoy easy and smart home life brought by Popo.

Product News

1.When entering the community or building, face recognition system allows you to access without any barrier. 

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2.Dnake’s technology realizes face recognition linkage between Popo and the unit outdoor station. When you enter the buiding, Popo has all necessary home devices turned on before you get home. 


3.Smart lock is also an important part of smart home system. You can unlock the door by mobile APP, password or fingerprint. 

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4.You can control home appliances under various scenes by sending verbal instructions to Popo. 

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5.Smart home APP is integrated in Popo as well. When the alarm is triggered, it sends messages directly to the management center and mobile phone.

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6.Smart home control terminal almost has the same features as Popo, except that it cannot be controlled by voice.

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7.Popo can realize elevator calling linkage as well.

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8.When we’re out, we can contact Popo through the smart home APP. For example, you can check home situation through Popo’s body by turning on the camera in the APP or turn off the appliance remotely.

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Watch the full video as below and join Dnake smart home life now!

Post time: Aug-21-2019
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