The latest COVID-19 resurgence has spread to 11 provincial-level regions including Gansu Province. Lanzhou city in Northwest China's Gansu Province is also fighting the epidemic since late October. Facing this situation, DNAKE actively responded to the national spirit “Help comes from all eight points of the compass for the one place in need” and contributes efforts to the anti-epidemic.  

1// Only work together can we win the battle.

On Nov. 3rd, 2021, a batch of devices for nurse call and hospital information systems was donated to Gansu Provincial Hospital by DNAKE.Gansu Hospital

After learning of the material needs of the Gansu Provincial Hospital, through the mutual cooperation of various departments, a batch of smart medical intercom equipment was urgently assembled and related work such as equipment debugging and logistics transportation was carried out quickly to deliver the materials to the hospital in the shortest time. 

Intelligent devices and systems such as DNAKE smart nurse call and hospital information systems enable healthcare professionals to provide care to their patients more effectively and conveniently while improving the patient experience with better response times.

Thank-you NoteThank-you Letter from Gansu Provincial Hospital to DNAKE

2// The virus has no emotion but people have.

On Nov. 8th, 2021, 300 sets of three-piece suits for hospital beds were donated by DNAKE to the Red Cross Society of Lanzhou City to support the isolation hospitals in Lanzhou City.Lanzhou

As a socially responsible business, DNAKE possesses a strong sense of mission and a deep sense of responsibility with continuous assistance actions. During the critical period of the Lanzhou epidemic, DNAKE immediately contacted the Red Cross Society of Lanzhou City and eventually donated 300 sets of three-piece suits for hospital beds that would be used in designated hospitals in Lanzhou city.


Lanzhou 3

The pandemic has no mercy but DNAKE has love. Any time during the anti-epidemic period, DNAKE has been acting behind the scenes sincerely!

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