905D-Y4 is a SIP-based IP door intercom device featuring a 7-inch touch screen and intuitive user interface. It provides a variety of contactless authentication methods to help prevent the spread of viruses – including facial recognition and automatic body temperature measurement. In addition, it can detect the temperature and if a person is wearing a facial mask, and also can measure the person’s temperature even if they are wearing a mask.
905D-Y4 Android outdoor station is fully equipped with dual-cameras, card reader, and wrist temperature sensor for an all-around secure and smart access control system.

  • 7-inch large capacitive touch screen
  • Temperature accuracy of ≤0.1ºC
  • Anti-spoofing face liveness detection
  • Touch-free wrist temperature measurement and access control
  • Multiple access/authentication methods
  • Desktop or floor standing

This intercom provides contactless, speedy, cost-effective, and accurate means for body temperature screening anytime and anywhere such as school, commercial building, and construction site entrance to secure public health.
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