DNAKE announces its successful integration with YEALINK and YEASTAR to provide a one-stop telecommunication solution for intelligent healthcare intercom system and commercial intercom system, etc.


Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the healthcare system is under enormous pressure globally. DNAKE launched Nurse Call System to realize the call and intercom among patients, nurses, and doctors in various healthcare applications, including nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, clinics, wards, and hospitals, etc.

DNAKE nurse call system aims to improve care standards and patient satisfaction. Since it’s based on SIP protocol, DNAKE nurse call system can communicate with IP phones from YEALINK and the PBX server from YEASTAR, forming a one-stop communication solution.






  • Video Communication with Yealink IP Phone: DNAKE nurse terminal can realize video communication with YEALINK IP Phone. For example, when the nurse needs any assistance from the doctor, he/she can give a call to the doctor in Doctor’s Office by DNAKE nurse terminal, then the doctor can answer the call promptly by Yealink IP phone.
  • Connect All Devices to Yeastar PBX: All the devices, including DNAKE nurse call products and smartphones, can be connected to Yeastar PBX server to construct a complete communication network. Yeastar mobile APP enables the healthcare worker to receive detailed alarm information and acknowledge an alarm as well as allows the caregiver to respond to alarms quickly and efficiently
  • Broadcast Announcement in Emergency: If the patient is in an emergency or more personnel are needed for a given situation, the nurse terminal can send alerts and broadcast the announcement quickly to ensure the right people are there to help.
  • Call Forwarding by Nurse Terminal: When the patient gives the call by DNAKE bedside terminal but the nurse terminal is busy or no one answers the call, the call will be forwarded to another nurse terminal automatically so that patients get responses to their needs faster.
  • IP System with Strong Anti-interference: It is a communication and management system equipped with IP technology, featuring high accuracy, good stability, and strong ability of anti-interference.
  • Simple Cat5e Wiring for Easy Maintenance: DNAKE nurse call system is a modern and affordable IP call system running on an Ethernet cable (CAT5e or higher), which is easy to install, use, and maintain.


In addition to nurse call system, when integrating with Yealink’s IP phone and Yeastar’s IPPBX, DNAKE’s video door phones can also be applied in residential and commercial solutions and support video intercom with SIP-supporting system registered in the PBX server, such as IP phones.




Related link of DNAKE's Nurse Call Sytem: https://www.dnake-global.com/solution/ip-nurse-call-system/.

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