DNAKE SIP Intercom Integrates with Milesight AI Network Camera



DNAKE, the global leading provider of SIP intercom products and solutions, announces that its SIP intercom is now compatible with Milesight AI Network Cameras to create a secure, affordable and easy-to-manage video communication and surveillance solution.



For both residential and commercial premises, IP intercom can offer improved convenience by remote unlocking of doors for known visitors. Combining audio analytics with the video surveillance system can further support security by detecting incidents and triggering actions.

DNAKE SIP intercom has the advantage of integrating with SIP intercom. When integrated with Milesight AI Network Cameras, a more efficient and convenient security solution can be built to check the live view from AI network cameras through DNAKE indoor monitor.



System Diagram


Network Camera

Up to 8 network cameras can be connected to DNAKE intercom system. The user can install the camera anywhere in and out of the house, and then check the live views by DNAKE indoor monitor anytime.

Video Switch

When there is a visitor, the user can not only see and talk to the visitor in front of door station but also watch what’s happening in front of network camera through the indoor monitor, all at the same time.

Real-time Monitoring

The network cameras can be used to watch perimeters, storefronts, parking lots, and roof tops all at once to realize real-time monitoring and prevent crime before it happens.

The integration between DNAKE intercom and Milesight network camera helps the operators improve control over home security and building entrances and increase the security level of premises.

About Milesight
Founded in 2011, Milesight is a fast-growing AIoT solution provider committed to offering the value-added services and cutting-edge technologies. Based on video surveillance, Milesight expands its value proposition into IoT and communications industries, featuring Internet of Things communication, and artificial intelligence technologies as its core.

DNAKE (Stock Code: 300884) is a leading provider of smart community solutions and devices, specializing in the development and manufacturing of video door phone, smart healthcare products, wireless doorbell, and smart home products, etc.

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