DNAKE Celebrated Its 17th Anniversary


May 5, 2022, Xiamen, China—April 29 marked the 17th anniversary of DNAKE(Stock Code: 300884), an industry-leading and trusted manufacturer and innovator of IP video intercom and solutions. Grown into an industry leader, DNAKE is now ready to set sail to future adventures, aiming at delivering more premium smart intercom products and future-proof solutions with state-of-the-art technology.

From 2005 to date, with seventeen years of persistence and innovation, DNAKE keeps forging ahead and now has more than 1100 employees dedicated to offering easy and smart intercom solutions. DNAKE has established a global marketing network across 90+ countries, providing best-in-class IP intercom products and solutions for innumerable families and businesses. Moreover, DNAKE IP video intercom has integrated with Uniview, Tiandy, Tuya, Control 4, Onvif, 3CX, Yealink, Yeastar, Milesight, and CyberTwice, and is still working on broader compatibility and interoperability. All these are reflections of DNAKE’s commitment to addressing evolving customer needs and thriving with its partners.

Commemorating the 17th anniversary of its founding in 2005, DNAKE held an anniversary party to celebrate its milestone. The celebration included cake cutting,  red envelopes, and so forth. The company also delivered special anniversary gifts to every DNAKE employee. 

Anniversary Party1

Office Doorway Decoration in Unique Shape of “17”

Anniversary Party2
Anniversary Party3

Celebration Activities

Annivery Gift

Anniversary Gifts (Mug & Mask)

Looking back, DNAKE never ceases pace to innovate. In this remarkable celebration, we're so excited to unveil DNAKE new brand identity with an upgraded brand strategy, refreshed logo design, and new Mascot “Xiao Di”. 


With the rapid development of Internet technology, people expect and require more about the intelligence of the home. Relying on the strong industrial chain and rich product portfolio, DNAKE has built up a smart home hub centered on "Learning → Perception → Analysis → Linkage", to realize the integrated linkage of “smart community, smart security, and smart home”.

Smart Control Panel


We are happy to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of our company’s brand. 

DNAKE New Logo Comparison
220506 D Design

New DNAKE logo reflects who we are today and represents our dynamic future. It identifies us to the world, displaying an image that is both energetic and powerful. The New “D” combines with the shape of Wi-Fi to represent DNAKE’s belief to embrace and explore interconnectivity. The opening design of the letter “D” stands for openness, inclusiveness, and our resolution of world-embracing. In addition, the arc of the “D” looks like open arms to welcome worldwide partners for mutually beneficial cooperation. The narrowing of the word spacing not only means DNAKE's hope for making more close and integrated smart living but also DNAKE's perseverance in connecting cities, communities, buildings, and people.  


DNAKE also unveiled a new corporate mascot, a dog named "Xiao Di", representing DNAKE's loyalty to our customers and our close relationship with our partners. We remain committed to empowering new & secure living experiences for every individual and working with our partners with shared values.

Mascot Xiao Di

Reimagine and rediscover new possibilities. Going forward, DNAKE will maintain our innovative spirit and keep pushing the boundaries of technology, exploring deeply and infinitely, to constantly create new possibilities in this world of interconnectivity. 


Founded in 2005, DNAKE (Stock Code: 300884) is an industry-leading and trusted provider of IP video intercom and solutions. The company deep dives into the security industry and is committed to delivering premium smart intercom products and future-proof solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Rooted in an innovation-driven spirit, DNAKE will continuously break the challenge in the industry and provide a better communication experience and secure life with a comprehensive range of products, including IP video intercom, 2-wire IP video intercom, wireless doorbell, etc. Visit for more information and follow the company’s updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

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