Video Intercom Solution with Private Server

IP intercom devices are making it easier to control access to home, school, office, building or hotel, etc. The IP intercom systems can use local intercom server or remote cloud server to provide communication between intercom device and smartphone.

Recently DNAKE specially launched a video door phone solution based on private SIP server. The IP intercom system, consisted of outdoor panel and indoor monitor, can connect to smartphone on your local network or Wi-Fi network. No matter being applied in apartment or single-family house, this video intercom solution can be your ideal choice.

Compared to the cloud server solution, here are some benefits of using this solution:

1. Stable Internet Connection

Unlike cloud server that requires high speed network, DNAKE private server can be deployed at the user’s end. If something goes wrong with this private server, only the project connected with the server will be affected.

DNAKE Private Server-1

2. Secure Data

The user can manage the server locally. All of user data will be saved in your private server to ensure data security.

3. One-time Charge

The expense of server is reasonable. The installer can decide to collect one-time charge or annual charge from the user, which is more flexible and convenient.

4. Video and Audio Call

It can contact up to 6 smartphones or tablets via voice or video call. You can see, hear and speak with anyone at your door, and allow their entry via your smartphone or tablet.

5.  Easy Operation

Register SIP account in minutes and add account on mobile APP via QR code scanning. The smartphone app is able to notify the user that someone is at the door, display the video, provide the two-way audio communication, and unlock the door, etc.

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