IP Video Door Phone Systems

  • 902 SIP Android System

    902 SIP Android System

    902 SIP TCP/IP Android Intercom System On the basis of traditional IP intercom system, DNAKE launches a SIP-based Android video door phone system, an ideal choice for multi-family dwellings and high-rise apartments. Some of the most significant benefits of using this system are: 1.Superior Perfor...
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  • 290 2-Wire SIP System

    290 2-Wire SIP System

    290 2-Wire SIP TCP/IP Intercom System If the building cable is a two-wire or coaxial cable, is it possible to use the IP intercom system without rewiring? Yes, it is! This 2-Wire IP video door phone system is designed for upgrading your existing intercom system to IP system in apartment buildings...
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  • 280 SIP Linux System

    280 SIP Linux System

    280 SIP TCP/IP Linux Intercom System Comparing with 902 Android intercom system, 280 Linux intercom system is more cost-effective. With Linux OS and customizable UI, it offers multiple functions, including video intercom, door access, emergency call, security alarm, information receipt, image sto...
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