Wireless Video Doorbell System

Wireless Video Doorbell System

What are wireless video doorbells? As the name suggests, wireless doorbell system are not wired. These systems work on wireless technology and employ a door camera and an indoor unit. Unlike the traditional audio doorbell in which you can only hear the visitor, the video doorbell system allows you to view, listen to, and talk to anyone at your door.

DNAKE wireless video doorbell systems operate in 2.4GHz communication. Using DNAKE wireless video doorbell, you’ll never miss a visitor. Here are some benefits of using our wireless video doorbell system:

1.Easy Setup, Low Cost
The system is easy to install and usually don’t require any additional costs. Since there is no wiring to worry about, there are also fewer risks. It’s also simple to remove if you decide to move to another location.

2.Powerful Functions
Door camera comes with a HD camera with wide viewing angle of 120 degrees and motion detection, and indoor unit (2.4’’ indoor handset or 7’’ indoor monitor) can realize one-key snapshot and monitoring, etc. High-quality video and image ensures a clear two-way communication with the visitor.

3.High Security
The system offers some other security and convenience features, such as night vision, motion detection, and real-time monitoring. This allows the system to begin video recording and alert you when someone is approaching to your front door. In addition, door camera is weatherproof and vandal resistant.

4.Long-range Transmission
The transmission can reach up to 500 meters in open area or 4 brick walls with thickness of 20cm.

Door camera can be powered by battery or external power source, and indoor monitor is rechargeable and portable. 2.4’’ handset is compatible with 7’’ monitor. The system supports the connection of max. 2 door cameras and 2 indoor units, so it is suitable for business or home use, or anywhere else that requires short distance communication.



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Post time: Nov-14-2019
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