Joint Effect of DNAKE Home Automation and High-end Apartments

As times are changing constantly, people always redefine the ideal life, especially the young. When young people purchase a house, they tend to enjoy a more diversified, excellent, and intelligent lifestyle. So let’s take a look at this high-end community that combines fine building and home automation.

Yishanhu Community in Sanya City, Hainan Province, China

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Located in Sanya City, Hainan Province, this community was invested and constructed by Heilongjiang Construction Group Co., Ltd., one of Top 30 constructers in China. So what contributions had DNAKE make?

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Peace of Mind

High-quality life begins with the first moment when getting home. With DNAKE smart lock introduced, the residents can unlock the door by fingerprint, password, card, mobile APP or mechanical key, etc. Meanwhile, DNAKE smart lock is designed with multiple safety protection, which can prevent intentional damage or vandalism. In case of any abnormality, the system will push alarm information and secure your house.

DNAKE smart lock can also realize the linkage of smart scenario. When the resident unlocks the door, the smart home devices, such as lighting, curtain or air conditioner, turn on synchronously to offer smart and convenient home experience.

In addition to smart lock, smart security system also plays an important role. No matter when the home owner is at home or out, the devices including gas detector, smoke detector, water leak sensor, door sensor or IP camera will safeguard the house all the time and keep the family safe.



The residents not only can control the light, curtain and air conditioner by one button on smart switch panel orsmart mirror, but also control home appliances in real time by voice and mobile APP.

When the house owner enables “Home Mode” remotely by mobile APP, the porch lights turn on automatically, the air conditioner is set to the most appropriate temperature, and water heater works automatically, which makes the owner really feel the warm home environment empowered by technology.



The house owner can bind smart mirror with health monitoring devices, such as body fat scale, glucometer or blood pressure monitor, to keep an eye on health condition of every family member.

When intelligence is incorporated into every detail of the house, a future home filled with a sense of ceremony is revealed. In the future, DNAKE will continue to take deep research into the field of home automation and cooperate with customers to create the ultimate smart home experience for the public.

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