Dnake Supply Chain Center Production Skills Contest

Recently, the 2nd Dnake Supply Chain Center Production Skills Contest kicked off in the production workshop on the second floor of Dnake Haicang Industrial Park. This contest brings together top players from multiple production departments such as video door phone, smart home, smart fresh air ventilation, smart transportation, smart healthcare, smart door locks, etc., aiming to improve production efficiency, enhance professional skills, gather team strength, and build a team of professionals with strong capabilities and excellent technology.


This contest is divided into two parts: theory and practice. Solid theoretical knowledge is an important basis for supporting practical operation; and skilled practical operation is a shortcut to improve production efficiency.

Practice is a step to check the professional skills and psychological qualities of players, especially in automated device programming. The players should perform welding, testing, assembly and other production operations on products with the fastest speed, accurate judgment, and proficient skills as well as ensure the improvement on product quality, correct product quantity, and higher production efficiency.

The production skill contest is not only a re-examination and reinforcement of the professional skills and technical knowledge of front-line production workers, but also a process of on-site skills training and safety management re-examination and tamping, which lays the foundation for better training of professional skills. At the same time, a good atmosphere of “comparing, learning, catching up, and surpassing” was created on the playing field, which fully echoed Dnakes business philosophy of “quality first, service first”.


In terms of products, Dnake insists on taking customer needs as the sail, technological innovation as the rudder, and product diversification as the carrier. It has been sailing for 15 years in the security field and has maintained a good industry reputation. In the future, Dnake will continue to bring excellent products, high-quality after-sales service and excellent solutions to the new and old customers!

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