DNAKE and Guangzhou Poly Developments & Holdings Group Work Together to Make Better Living Space

In April 2020, Poly Developments & Holdings Group officially released the "Full Life Cycle Residential System 2.0 --- Well Community". It is reported that "Well Community" takes user health as its core mission and aims to create a high-quality, healthy, efficient and smart life for its customers. DNAKE and Poly Group reached an agreement in Sept. 2020, hoping to work together to create a better living space. Now, the first smart home project jointly finished by DNAKE and Poly Group has been carried out in Poly Tangyue Community in Liwan District, Guangzhou.


Poly · Tangyue Community: Remarkable Building in Guanggang New Town

Guangzhou Poly Tangyue Community is located in Guangzhou Guanggang New Town, Liwan District, and is the best-known one in front-row landscape residential building in Guanggang New Town. After its debut last year, Poly Tangyue Community wrote a legend of a daily turnover of nearly 600 million, which attracted the attention of the whole city.

Actual Image of Poly Tangyue Community, Image Source: Internet

"Tangyue" series is a TOP-level product created by Poly Developments & Holdings Group, representing the product height of a city's high-level residential standard. Currently, 17 Poly Tangyue projects have been launched nationwide.

The unique charm of Poly Tangyue project lies in:

◆Multidimensional Traffic

The community is surrounded by 3 main roads, 6 subway lines, and 3 tram lines for free access.

◆Unique Landscape

The garden atrium of the residential area adopts a raised design, providing an excellent view of the garden landscape.

◆Complete Facilities

The community integrates mature facilities such as commerce, education, and medical care and is people-oriented, creating a real livable community.


DNAKE & Poly Developments: Make Better Living Space

The building quality is not just a simple patchwork of external factors, but also the cultivation of the inner core.

In order to improve the happiness index of the residents, Poly Developments has introduced DNAKE wired smart home system, which injects technological vitality into the mansion and comprehensively interprets the livable and stable method of a better living space.

Go Home

After the owner arrives on the doorstep and opens the entrance door through the smart lock, DNAKE smart home system seamlessly connects with the lock system. The lights on the porch and living room, etc. are on and the household equipment such as air conditioner, fresh air ventilator and curtains are turned on automatically.  At the same time, the security equipment such as door sensor is automatically disarmed, creating a fully intelligent and user-friendly home mode.

DNAKE smart home system

Enjoy Home Life

With DNAKE smart system incorporated, your home is not only a warm haven, but also a close friend. It can not only tolerate your emotions, but also understand your words and deeds.

Free Control: You can choose the most comfortable way to communicate with your home, such as by smart switch panel, mobile APP, and smart control terminal;

Peace of Mind: When you are at home, it works as a 24H guard through gas detector, smoke detector, water sensor, and infrared detector, etc.;

Happy Moment: When a friend visits, clicking it, it will automatically start a relaxed and pleasant meeting mode;

Healthy Life: DNAKE fresh air ventilation system can provide users with 24H uninterrupted environmental monitoring. When the indicators are abnormal, the fresh air ventilation equipment will be automatically turned on to keep the indoor environment fresh and natural.

Smart Home Switch Panel

Leave Home

No need to worry about family affairs when you go out. The smart home system becomes the “guardian” of the house. When you leave home, you can turn off all the household appliances, such as lights, curtain, air conditioner, or TV, by one-click on "Out Mode", while gas detector, smoke detector, door sensor and other equipment keep working to protect the home safety. When you are out, you can check the home status in real time through the mobile APP. If there is an abnormality, it will automatically give an alarm to the property center.

As the 5G era comes, the integration of smart homes and residences has deepened layer by layer and has restored the original intention of homeowners to some extent. Nowadays, more and more real estate development companies have introduced the concept of "full life cycle residence", and many products have been introduced. In the future, DNAKE will continue to make research and innovation on home automation systems, and work with partners to create full-cycle, high-quality, and vital residential products.

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