Appreciation Dinner for DNAKE's Successful Listing

On the night of November 14th, with the theme of “Thanks to You, Let’s Win the Future”, appreciation dinner for IPO and successful listing on Growth Enterprise Market of Dnake (Xiamen) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “DNAKE”) was grandly held in Hilton Hotel Xiamen. More than 400 guests including all levels of government leaders, industry leaders and experts, company shareholders, key accounts, news media organizations and staff representatives gathered together to share the joy of DNAKE’s successful listing.

Leaders and Distinguished Guests Attending the Banquet

Leaders and distinguished guests attending the dinner include: Mr. Zhang Shanmei (Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone), Mr. Yang Weijiang (Deputy Secretary General of China Real Estate Association), Mr. Yang Jincai (Honorary Fellow of European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Humanities, President of National Security City Cooperative Alliance and Secretary & President of Shenzhen Safety & Defence Association), Mr. Ning Yihua (President of Dushu Alliance), company shareholders, lead underwriter, news media organization, key accounts and staff representatives.

Company leadership include: Mr. Miao Guodong(Chairman and General Manager), Mr. Hou Hongqiang(Director and Vice General Manager), Mr. Zhuang Wei(Director and Vice General Manager), Mr. Chen Qicheng(General Engineer), Mr. Zhao Hong (Chairman of the Supervisory, Marketing Director and Chairman of the Labor Union), Mr. Huang Fayang(Vice General Manager), Ms. Lin Limei (Vice General Manager and Secretary of the Board), Mr. Fu Shuqian (CFO), Mr. Jiang Weiwen(Manufacturing Director).

Lion Dance, Representign Luck and Blessing

Followed by magnificent Drum Dance, Dragon Dance and Lion Dance, the banquet started. Later, Mr. Zhang Shanmei (Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone), Mr. Miao Guodong (Chairman of DNAKE ), Mr. Liu Wenbin(Chairman of Xingtel Xiamen Group Co., Ltd.), and Mr. Hou Hongqiang (Vice General Manager of DNAKE) were invited to dot the lion's eyes, representing new and wonderful journey of DNAKE!

△ Drum Dance

△ Dragon Dance and Lion Dance

△Dot the Lion's Eyes by Mr. Zhang Shanmei(first from the right), Mr. Miao Guodogn (second from the right), Mr. Liu Wenbin (third from the right), Mr. Hou Hongqiang (first from the left)

Growing Together in Gratitude

△ Mr. Zhang Shanmei, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone

At the banquet, Mr. Zhang Shanmei, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiamen Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone, expressed warm congratulations on the successful listing of DNAKE on behalf of the Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone. Mr. Zhang Shanmei said: “DNAKE’s successful listing builds the confidence for other enterprises in Xiamen into capital markets. Hope that DNAKE will persist in independent innovation, stick to original aspiration, and always maintain passion, bringing new blood to Xiamen Capital Market.”

△ Mr. Miao Guodong, Chairman and General Manager of DNAKE

“Established in 2005, DNAKE employees have spent 15 years of years of youth and sweat to grow gradually in the market and develop in fierce competition. DNAKE’s access to China capital markets is an important milestone in the company’s development process, and also new starting point, new journey and new momentum for the company’s development.” At the banquet, Mr. Miao Guodong, chairman of DNAKE, made an emotional speech and expressed sincere gratitude to the great times and people from various sectors.

△ Mr. Yang Weijiang , Deputy Secretary General of China Real Estate Association

Mr. Yang Weijiang, Deputy Secretary General of China Real Estate Association, stated in his speech that DNAKE won the “Preferred Supplier of China’s Top 500 Real Estate Development Enterprises” for consecutive years. Successful listing indicates DNAKE has entered the fast lane of capital market and will have stronger financing capabilities and production and R&D capabilities, so DNAKE will have the opportunity to build good partnerships with more real estate development companies.

△ Mr. Yang Jincai, Secretary & President of Shenzhen Safety & Defence Association

"Successful listing is not the end of DNAKE’s hard work, but the starting point for new glorious achievements. Wish DNAKE continues to brave the winds and waves and make prosperous achievements.” Mr. Yang Jincai sent good wishes in the speech.

Stock Launch Ceremony

Mr. Ning Yihua (President of Dushu Alliance) Award for Mr. Hou Hongqiang(Vice General Manager of DNAKE)

After stock launch ceremony, DNAKE announced the partnership with Dushu Alliance that is the first boutique alliance initiated by the regional independent innovative medical device companies in China, which means that DNAKE will keep in-depth cooperation with the alliance on smart healthcare.

As the chairman Mr. Miao Guodong proposed a toast, the wonderful performances began.

Dance "Sailing"

Recitation Performance- Thank you, Xiamen!


Fashion Show Themed by "the Belt and Road"

Drum Performance

Band Performance

Chinese Dance

Violin Performance

In the meanwhile, with the lucky draw of happiness prizes unveiled, the banquet reached the climax.

Every performance is the affection of DNAKE employees for the past years and also the expectation for a better future.

Thanks for every wonderful performance to write a new chapter of DNAKE’s new journey. In the future, DNAKE will keep working hard to reach new heights. Finally, wish all the friends from all circles of society and DNAKE employees who failed to come to the banquet all the best!

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