AI Facial Recognition Terminal for Smarter Access Control

Following the development of AI technology, facial recognition technology is becoming more widespread. By using neural networks and deep learning algorithm, DNAKE develops facial recognition technology independently to realize fast recognition within 0.4S through video intercom products and facial recognition terminal, etc., to create convenient and smart access control.

Facial Recognition Terminal

Based on facial recognition technology, DNAKE facial recognition access control system is designed for public access scenarios and secure entrances. As a member of facial recognition products, 906N-T3 AI box can be applied to any public premises which require facial recognition by working with IP camera. Its features include:

• Real-time Facial Image Capture

25 facial images can be captured in one second.

• Facial Mask Detection

With new algorithm of facial mask analysis, when the camera captures person who wants to get into the building, the system will detect if he/she wear the mask and take a snapshot.

Accurate Facial Recognition

Compare 25 facial images and the database within one second and realize non-contact access.

• Open APP Source Code

According to the application scenarios, it can be customized and integrated with other platform.

• Ultra-high Performance

It can connect to eight H.264 2MP video cameras and be utilized for various purposes, such as access control of data centers, banks or offices that require improved security.

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