IP-2Wire Isolator

290A IP-2Wire Isolator

As the key component of IP 2-Wire video intercom system, this device enables to upgrade your current intercom system to IP system using the existing analogue wiring. With the help of IP-2Wire isolator, the video intercom system can realize the connection of IP outdoor station and IP monitor over 2-wire cables.
  • Item NO.:290A
  • Product Origin:China
1.There is no need to replace the existing wiring or cables. It can connect to 290 IP device with two-wire cables, even in an analog environment.
2.There are two Ethernet ports for Internet input and system expansion.
3.It can connect and supply power to max. 8 indoor monitors or any IP device by working with  Slave Converter over two-wire cable.
Physical Property
Size 197x114x38mm
Power DC 48V ±10%
Rated Power 4W
Power Adapter 48VDC / 1.25A,60W
Temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Humidity 20% ~ 93%
IP Class IP30
Interface DC socket (Input 48VDC)*1 RJ45*2
2-core interface(Main In)*1 2-core interface(Main Out)*1
2-core interface(connect to indoor monitor)*8
LED Indicators Link: green light flashes-Network connection status;
Act: red light always on-2WIRE connection status
Transmission Method Access Method: CSMA/CA; Transmission Scheme: Wavelet OFDM; Frequency Bandwidth: 2 MHz to 28 MHz
2-wire RVV 2*0.75, ≤100m
network cable Cat 5e, Cat 6 or better
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