290 series - 2 Wire SIP System

If the building cable is a two-wire or coaxial cable, is it possible to use the IP intercom system without rewiring? Yes, it is!

This 2-Wire IP video door phone system is designed for upgrading your existing intercom system to IP system in apartment buildings. It allows you to connect any IP device with no cable replacement. With the help of IP-2WIRE isolator, it can realize the connection of IP outdoor station and indoor monitor over 2-wire cable.

Here are some advantages:

1. Easy Installation

No need to replace the cables or change the existing wiring. Connect any IP device using a two-wire or coaxial cable, even in an analogue environment.

2. High Flexibility

With IP-2WIRE isolator and converter, you can use either Android or Linux video door phone system and enjoy the benefits of using IP intercom systems.

3. Strong Reliability

The IP-2WIRE isolator is expandable, so there is no limit on the number of indoor monitor for connection.

4. No Configuration

You don’t have to configure anything. The system can also be integrated with video surveillance, access control and monitoring system.



System Diagram:

System Diagram

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